Laura Taylor wearing Charlie Brear Payton with the Voulaire overdress

Q1: Which store did you visit and purchase your dress from? (Please describe your experience in a few words).

 I purchased my dress from White Closet Studios,  Liverpool. The experience was perfect, exactly what you hope to have when wedding dress shopping. It was really special and I still look back on that time so fondly. I always looked forward to my visits there.

Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire OverDress

Q2: Which designer/style did you go for and what was the main reason for it being your winner?

 I purchased the Charlie Brear Payton dress with the Voulaire overlay. It was exactly the type of dress that I wanted. It fitted in perfectly to the rustic, laid-back theme I was hoping to achieve on the day. 

Q3 : Did you have any accessories from us and how did you feel in your outfit on the big day?

 I bought two belts (one for the day and one for the evening just with the Payton) and a Marie Canning flower crown. My mum also bought my beautiful veil from the White Closet. 

Q4 : Did you have bridesmaids? If so how many and what did they wear?

 I had 4 bridesmaids and one flower girl. The bridesmaids wore floor length dresses from Asos and the flower girl wore a Ted Baker dress.

Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire OverDress


Q5 : Did you visit many other bridal shops before ordering your dress with us ?

 This was the first store that I visited. Over the next month I visited approx.. 5 other stores. Not one of them was as special as my visit at White Closet Studios and not one of them had dresses to the same standard. 

Q6 : What three bits of advice would you give any prospective bride?

  1. Everybody says it – but it is true – the run up and the day goes so quickly. Make the most of it.
  2. I wish I had asked some of my friends to take more video clips on their phones. I love looking back at the few that I do have.
  3. Not everything will go to plan, but your day will still be the most amazing day! I wish I hadn’t gotten so caught up in wanting everything to go perfectly. It did not but it was still the best day.
Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire OverDress

Q7 : Did everything go to plan on your big day? If so/not tell us how or why?

 No, we had issues with the electricity so the music and lights went on and off for a period of time! Our fantastic guests just continued to dance and sing anyway! I really appreciated them doing this and then once the electrics were sorted, the party continued and it was a fun night.