Kelly Neeves wearing Jenny Packham

Q1: Which store did you visit and purchase your dress from? (Please describe your experience in a few words). 

Liverpool, Lucy was incredible and the large dressing room with the giant mirror was fab. 

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Q2: Which designer/style did you go for and what was the main reason for it being your winner?

Jenny Packham, her detail is so unique I new I would have one of her dresses from the second I seen them. 

Q3 : Did you have any accessories from us and how did you feel in your outfit on the big day?

Elegant and classy. I received so many completes on how different and unique my dress was.  

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Q4 : Did you have bridesmaids? If so how many and what did they wear?

I had 5 bridesmaids who all wore blue/grey Dessy dresses in different styles.  

Q5 : Did you visit many other bridal shops before ordering your dress with us ?

First shop I went to and new instantly it was the right one. So different to any of shops id seen online.  

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Q6 : What three bits of advice would you give any prospective bride?

Don’t stress too much no matter what goes wrong on the day you really don’t mind. 

Have the wedding videoed(one of my biggest regrets) 

Forget traditions it’s whatever you want your wedding to be. 

Q7 : Did everything go to plan on your big day? If so/not tell us how or why?

 45 minutes late for church due to traffic resulting in a very wet walk to the church.

Q8 : Any other thoughts ?

It truly was the most wonderful day. I would do it all again in a heart beat including the planning.