Kate Fisher wearing Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire

Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire



  1. Q1: Which store did you visit and purchase your dress from? (Please describe your experience in a few words).   White Closet Studios, Liverpool
Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire


Q2: Which designer/style did you go for and what was the main reason for it being your winner?

Charlie Brear - simple, elegant, beautiful, not too fussy or 'meringue' like! 


Q3 : Did you have any accessories from us and how did you feel in your outfit on the big day?

Yes!  I wore a belt in my hair!  I was wondering what to do with my hair and Lucy quickly styled out the perfect solution!

Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire


I also ended up buying the same brand of shoe that I wore to try on my dress at the White Closet (with matching bag!), although I can't remember the name of the brand now!  Perhaps you can decipher from the photo, sorry!


Q4 : Did you have bridesmaids? If so how many and what did they wear?

Yes, 3 'big' bridesmaids (my sister & Gustaf's 2 sisters).  They were 'mix and match' and chose their own dresses in a shade of pale pink, knee length.  As they are all mature women and all very different it felt silly to force them to wear a 'traditional' bridesmaid dress.  They all looked beautiful!  

I also had their children as page boys (2) &  bridesmaids (4) - 6 in total!  The girls wore simple white dresses from M&S, with pale pink bands and the boys looked very cute in little M&S 3-piece black suits.

Charlie Brear Payton and Voulaire


Q5 : Did you visit many other bridal shops before ordering your dress with us ?

Yes 2, also in Liverpool.  I can't remember their names but they were awful!! One had mouse traps on the floor!!


Q6 : What three bits of advice would you give any prospective bride?

Don't sweat the small stuff or get too carried away with minute details, delegate and enjoy your day!  Things that seem very important to you when planning a wedding really don't matter on the big day.  

Charlie Brer Paytona dn Voulaire


Q7 : Did everything go to plan on your big day? If so/not tell us how or why?

It was a perfect day!  One small 'glitch' was when the photographer lost my wedding ring during the reception.... 


She took it to take a photo with my bouquet, then dropped it inside the bouquet and it vanished.  The bouquet was decimated as she frantically tried to find it along with a small group of staff and friends.  Fortunately I was blissfully unaware until she plucked up the courage to tell me 20 minutes later.  The toastmaster stopped the reception and all the wedding guests searched the room until it was found!  It was only a few minutes between her telling me and the ring being found - it had rolled off into the corner of a windowsill apparently.  


We took it all in our stride and the day carried on as normal - we laugh about it now!  I don't think the photographer does though, she looked so upset and was shaking even after it was found, despite our reassurances that it was OK! 


Q8 : Any other thoughts ?

Lucy was amazing!  Very professional and friendly, and she was able to read exactly what I wanted and what sort of style I would like to have with an air of calm and not too much fuss.  She made me & my family feel very welcome & we really enjoyed the whole experience.