Jennifer Butler wearing Charlie Brear Torum, Lace sleeves and Sash.

Charlie Brear Torum


Q1: Which store did you visit and purchase your dress from? (Please describe your experience in a few words).

I purchased my dress from White Closet Studios, Liverpool. After lots of recommendations I was prepared to head over to Didsbury & was so excited when I heard the White Closet was opening in Liverpool! I absolutely loved every minute of my experience. The studio is beautiful, the collection of dresses was incredible & Lucy made us feel so relaxed.

Charlie Brear Torum

Q2: Which designer/style did you go for and what was the main reason for it being your winner?
Charlie Brear - I loved the simplicity of the dress & how amazing it felt to wear!

Q3 : Did you have any accessories from us and how did you feel in your outfit on the big day?
I had some lace sleeves & silk belt which finished off my dress perfectly. I felt amazing, yet completely 'me' in my dress- just the very best version of myself!

Charlie Brear Torum

Q4 : Did you have bridesmaids? If so how many and what did they wear?
I had 4 bridesmaids & my 2 beautiful nieces as flower girls. My bridesmaids wore pale grey jacquard lace knee length dresses from coast & flower girls ivory dresses from Monsoon.

Q5 : Did you visit many other bridal shops before ordering your dress with us ?
I visited a several other bridal shops & also went to a wedding fayre (I tried on quite a few  dresses!). Nothing compared to the White Closet Studios though & I absolutely knew when I walked in that I would find my dress.

Charlie Brear Torum

Q6 : What three bits of advice would you give any prospective bride?
1- Revel in every moment of wedding dress shopping & milk it for all its worth!
2- It's your big day so make it whatever you both want it to be. You're only going to get to do it once (hopefully!)
3- Don't forget it's all just a backdrop to the love  between you - don't lose sight of what it's all about.

Q7 : Did everything go to plan on your big day? If so/not tell us how or why?
Pretty much & when it came to it I didn't care about the things that didn't!

Q8 : Any other thoughts ?


Here is the link the blog our photographer did about our wedding...


And I've attached a file with the rest of our photos!



Jen xxx